Friday, August 21, 2009

Dinner tonight at UFood Grill

Note: I Love Ufood Grill, a healthy restaurant that is all over the place...I love it so much, I even take first dates there... haha.

Pretty much every Friday night I go to UFood grill with my older sister and best friend, Becca, and my niece Taylor.

On cheat nights, I get a wrap and fries... but I regularly order grilled chicken and veggies. Tonight was a grilled chicken and veggie night. My sister got the chicken parm wrap. She gave me a fry... or two :) They are so hard to resist. BUT HOLD TIGHT, TOMORROW IS CHEAT NIGHT!! My sister and I are making homemade pizza and ice cream! (can you tell I am excited).

There are u-food grill's everywhere. This is their website.