Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cabbage Wraps

Note: Not a recipe, but a meal idea. I have a newfoud love of cabbage wraps. I used to use lettuce wraps, but they aren't as sturdy as cabbage wraps and tend to fall apart. However, the cabbage wraps are louder to chew, and I usually eat at my desk at work.

Directions: Peel cabbage leaf off cabbage, trying not to rip it. Lay it down on a plate. Add fillings and roll up like a wrap.

Other meal ideas include:

1.) turkey and cheese (and mustard)
2.) chicken, peanut butter and soy sauce
3.) turkey sausage and mustard (as I have done below)

I was running late to work and decided to just grab some cabbage leaves, some turkey sausage and mustard. Made a very good lunch for work!