Monday, June 15, 2009

Peanut Butter Cream Cheese

Note: This can be used as a spread on low carb pancakes or bread. Also, another option is to add 1/2 packet of stevia and eat it with a spoon like PB cheesecake. (I have done this before and it does taste like a mini PB cheesecake).

In addition, if you use fat free cream cheese and Better 'N Peanut butter, this would be perfect as a spread on a low carb pancake after workout. Otherwise, I use the full fat cream cheese with regular peanut butter for other meals.

Equal parts of the following:
- Cream Cheese (can use full fat, reduced fat, low fat or fat free)
- Peanut Butter (or Better 'N PB or PB2 for post workout)
- optional add-ins: Walnuts

- Soften cream cheese in micro for 10 seconds. Mix cream cheese and peanut butter together in a bowl. Fold in chopped walnuts, if using.