Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fat Free Paneer (Panir)

Note: I got this recipe from I coped the link below.

1 gallon fat free milk
1/2 C lemon juice (I used vinegar)
1 t salt

Using a large stainless steel or porcelain pot, heat the milk slowly until it just begins to boil gently (rolling boil). Be sure to stir often so the milk doesn't scorch the bottom of the pan.

While the milk is heating, get a colander ready. You will need to line it with something that allows the liquid to drain without losing the curds. Several layers of cheesecloth will work or you can use an old clean sheet or pillowcase with no lint on it. If you have a very fine meshed strainer, you may use that instead.

Reduce heat to low and stir in the salt. Very slowly, drizzle in lemon juice while stirring. Let sit on low for up to 30 seconds. You will begin to see chunks of cheese forming and floating in the liquid (whey).

Remove the pot from the burner and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Most of the curds will settle below the surface of the whey.

Ladle the curds into the colander/strainer. When they are all in the strainer, pull the corners of the cloth together and tie, squeezing out as much liquid as you can. Set the colander/strainer over another bowl and let sit for 2-3 hours. For firmer cheese (my preference), place a plate on top of the cheese with a brick, rock or other weight that weighs about 5 pounds.

Nutritional Info
• Serving size: 1 oz
• Servings Per Recipe: 16
• Calories: 87.7
• Total Fat: 0.4 g
• Cholesterol: 4.9 mg
• Sodium: 273.0 mg
• Total Carbs: 12.5 g
• Dietary Fiber: 0.0 g
• Protein: 8.4 g